QuickBooks is not user-friendly when it comes to Customer:Job reporting. Non-profits commonly use the Customer:Job field to report on grant spending (see Using QB for grant reports for more info). When viewing a profit and loss report, our clients are often confused when they see an expense with the Customer:Job, but not the vendor who was paid. Here’s an example:

Check in QuickBooks:



When viewing a Profit and Loss Detail, this check looks like this:



As you can see, the Name column shows the Vendor the Customer:Job for the check, but not the Vendor. The solution is to click Customize Report (in the PC version of QuickBooks) or Options (Mac version of QuickBooks). Next, check the field in the columns list called Source Name, then click OK. Now, the report shows the Vendor in the Source Name column.


Note that the Name field works differently on bills and checks vs. invoices and deposits. The Name field on a report line for an invoice or deposit will always be the Customer:Job. The Name on a report line for a bill or check will be the Vendor when there is no Customer:Job used. It will be the Customer:Job when there is one used in the Bill or Check.

Similarly, the Source Name field will always show the Vendor for Bills or Checks. It will not show anything for invoices or deposits.

It’s also worth noting that both Customer:Job and Vendor are types of Names in QuickBooks. There are two other Name types: Employee and Other Name. You should always designate a name as a Customer:Job if they normally pay you, Vendor if you normally pay them, or Employee for staff. Other Names are not useful in reporting and make data entry difficult.

Alex Nitta

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