Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant ?

A Bookkeeper handles the daily accounting transactions in a business, including writing checks, making deposits, invoicing, bank and credit card reconciliations, payroll, and providing you with financial statements. The main function of a bookkeeper is to maintain accurate records.

An Accountant works from these records to prepare and file your yearly tax returns. It is imperative that all businesses retain an accountant; we will work with them and record all transactions according to their specifications. We want your year-end to take your accountant less time so you can and save money.


Why do you do an initial assessment?

To ensure a smooth bookkeeping process in the future, we have a look into your past. That includes checking your book balances against any publicly available reporting of your accounting as well as an analysis of your accounting practices. We review your systems for allocation and accounting restricted funding and assess your system for internal control.  Based on our findings, we are able to provide accurate cost estimates and tailor our services to your needs.


Will I always have the same person?

Every account is assigned to a manager, and we do everything we can to ensure that your account manager remains the same person. Depending on the volume or nature of your work, we may assign you additional team members. At the end of the day, our entire team is available to assist you and works hand-in-hand with your account manager to maximize the value of your services.


What are CFO Services?

A CFO becomes a partner and advisor to the founder or director of an organization or business. They assist with resource management, budget and forecast creation and synthesis that provides the client a new perspective on their position and their opportunities. A CFO will generally report to and advise the board of directors on the trajectory of business. As your CFOs we provide you with a forward looking strategy for your company.

While bookkeeping will primarily deal with the past and what has already occurred, CFO services are derived from the analysis from of the present moment and what will occur in the future.