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Our Approach 

Our US-based team members have years of experience as successful finance directors of nonprofits. We don’t just understand accounting and bookkeeping, we understand the day in, day out of how nonprofits actually function. Each of our clients has a dedicated US based manager who helps keep everything on track, able to not only understand your needs, but anticipate them.  

Our India team members are expert accountants, steeped in the intricacies of GAAP, cyber security, and cloud-based technology. They have spent years executing on the needs of US based clients using cutting-edge technical knowledge.


Your team works closely to provide the superior customer service that Sutro Li has become known for.

Plus, our team is fun to work with.

We aren’t just accountants, and as you read below, you’ll see we are musicians, circus performers, foodies, parents, and more.

We don’t just build streamlined accounting systems, we build relationships with our clients, and it is often the personal touch that can turn a necessary accounting meeting into something you look forward to on your schedule.



Meet Our TEam

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Burton Li, CEO

Our fearless leader, Burton spent the first decade of this century as a nonprofit accountant by day and an indie-rock lead guitarist by night. A dedicated conservationist, he rode his bike around San Francisco to the offices of his clients, building deep relationships with over 30 nonprofit clients.

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In 2009, his legs were getting tired, and Burton’s love of technology lead him to discover the glory of cloud accounting. Sutro Li was founded, and, under Burton’s heartfelt and earnest leadership, it has since expanded into an international team of CPAs, finance directors, and bookkeeping experts serving a growing roster of great causes, both nonprofit and mission-driven small businesses.

Burton lives part time in San Francisco and part time in Truckee, with his wife and daughter. When Burton isn’t hard at work finding ways to make Sutro Li of even more service to the world, or being an engaged father and husband, he still fits in the occasional lead guitar when he can, but more and more it is the river that calls him to seek it’s music.


Urvali Badamikar Kalvade, Staff Accountant

Having graduated with a degree in computer engineering, Urvali comes from an IT background and has worked with Multi National Companies such as the US based Cognizant Technology Solutions in India and Johnson Controls in Dubai.

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Currently pursuing an MBA in Finance, she is now in the final leg of her studies.

These experiences have greatly helped her in handling the accounting work at Sutro Li. With her technical expertise, the intricacies of cyber security and the cloud based accounting software were easily understood. Being an avid learner and meticulous, she strives to be at the top of her game.

She is also a proud mother of three-year-old, Myra, and loves music and reading books, and has also passed three Classical Dance “Kathak” Examinations.


Krissa Nichols, Account Manager

Krissa Nichols joined the Sutro Li team as an Accounts Manager after 7 years as the Finance and Operations Director at the Edible Schoolyard Project. She brings extensive experience in donor and development database management, human resources, and cloud SAAS applications.

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A natural teacher and innate problem solver, Krissa is a master at creating simple, elegant and trustworthy systems to streamline routine tasks with input from multiple stakeholders. Pictured here with her son, Krissa balances her work with motherhood, as well as her passions for reading sci-fi and fantasy and cooking delicious India-inspired meals for large groups.

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Capt. Ajay Badamikar, India Operations Director

The captain of the metaphorical ship that is our office in Pune, India, is quite literally a captain. Capt. Ajay Badamikar spent 25 Years of his career running a successful marine services company, after competing at the national level in Sailing Regattas during his college years.

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When Burton and he met through personal references, it was Ajay who laid the foundation for our Pune office, and he continues to play a key role in supporting the infrastructure and growth of our team. A passionate lover of Indian Classical Music, Ajay has been studying tabla for the last few years, continuing a lifetime of learning even as he has become a proud grandfather.


Chris Dunn, Chief Operations Officer

Chris brings 20 years of experience serving the nonprofit sector to Sutro Li. He began his career as a grassroots organizer, knocking on doors and making phone calls, passionately building the movement for a more sane and just foreign policy.

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Since then, he has channeled his talent for leadership and financial administration into roles as a fundraising program director, a founder/director/ringmaster of an international social circus and arts education organization, a volunteer board treasurer, a nonprofit tax preparer, and foremost as a finance director of mid-sized nonprofits.

Settling down with his wife, son, and two cats, Chris brings his wealth of experience and meticulous care to dozens of nonprofits from his home office in Oakland, California.

As Sutro Li’s Chief Operations Officer, he is responsible for updating and maintaining the standards of Sutro Li’s accounting services, a task for which his ringmaster skills are very much put to use.


Randi Hopkins, Account Manager

Seen here with Krissa, sporting saris gifted by our India office, Randi handles several roles at Sutro Li. The back office guru to our team, she maintains and reports on many of Sutro Li’s own admin needs, including our contracts and services agreements, in addition to managing clients as an Account Manager.

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Perhaps our most experienced team member, she’s been in the field since 1969, combining skills in scientific research, computer programming, and accounting. Her Excel skills are epic. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband, and has two grown sons, who, from time to time, share the stage with Burton, as they all play music together.


Bannigan McDade, President

Bannigan has 20 years of experience as an activist and has spent the last 12 years as a Finance professional. He was trained in nonprofit finance by Chris Dunn during their shared tenure at Peace Action West, and later developed a passion for business strategy working as a CFO in San Francisco’s competitive startup sector.

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Now he is merging the best of both worlds, and brings efficient facilitation and a keen eye for streamlining systems to Sutro Li and our clients, alike. Bannigan has left behind the big city life, and now resides in Ashland, Oregon, enjoying small town living and frequent hikes in the wilderness. When he’s not working to bring efficient accounting to nonprofits and small businesses, you’ll catch him at the local cafe working on a sci-fi novel.

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Sarvesh Bhandare, Staff Accountant

Sarvesh first gained experience working with overseas teams while working independently for a leading UK-based advertising company. This experience has served him well at Sutro Li, and he is now one of our strongest accountants, handling the day to day for a wide breadth of US-based organizations while pursuing his MBA in Finance.

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Born and raised in Pune, Sarvesh strikes an impressive figure on his motorcycle, and spends his free time exploring the delicious cuisine of Pune. An avid user of social media, we try to limit him to only one selfie per meeting, but with a face like that, who can blame him?

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Vikram Raje, Staff Accountant

Vikram is a dedicated accountant and the latest addition to our team; he has proven himself to be able to handle anything we throw at him. An incisive mind, with a breadth of experience across various industries, we are happy to have him on the team.

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Vikram enjoys reading biographies of famous people, watching historical documentaries, and is also something of a fitness guru, fastidiously maintaining a healthy diet, and working out to keep strong. When he’s able to get away, Vikram enjoys exploring the natural world, finding peace and beauty among the wild places of Maharashta. A lifelong student, Vikram is pursuing post-graduate courses with the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.


Some of Our Clients

Sutro Li is the perfect antidote to nonprofit directors that have been thrown into the role of CFO with little or no training. Both knowledgeable and low-key, the Sutro Li team helps to build the financial acumen and confidence of their clients in a no-stress kind of way.
— Andrea Lee, Co-Director – Mujeres Unidas y Activas